Circle Leaders

Why Lead a Circle?

Do you want to make a difference? We all do. Sometimes we wait for someone else to make the first move. Leading a Circle simply means you go first. You don’t have to be a theologian or commit every night of the week to be a leader.

If you love having fun, helping people take a next step, and celebrating life-change, leading a Circle may be just the thing for you.

Lead a Circle


5 Things to Know

1. We won't randomly put people in your group.

You can either invite people you already know to fill your Circle, or let us help fill it. We guide potential new Circle members towards groups in a similar stage of life. We also run all potential group members by group leaders before placing them. That gives you a little bit of control to who is or isn’t in your Circle. This helps to avoid accidentally having your ex from high school assigned to your group.

2. You don't need that much space.

You don’t need to own the biggest or most immaculate home. You simply need a space where a group of at least 4 people can gather to talk and laugh together.

Hint: some groups rotate homes each week and take turns "hosting."

3. You pick the night of the week and frequency that works best for you.

We encourage groups to meet weekly to help build relational traction. We do have a few groups that choose to meet every other week.

4. It’s not forever (but it can be if you find “your people”).

Everyone who is brand new to your group has the option of a “test drive.” We offer an easy exit guarantee, and that includes you. If at the end of the semester you decide it’s not a fit for your schedule or your Circle didn’t click, you can take a break and try again some time in the future.

Hint: It does take some time and effort to help a new group find their groove and thrive.

5. What do we talk about?

It's simple! Just listen to the weekly message in person or online before your Circle meets, and then download the discussion questions that we provide and you’re good to go!


Sound fun? Click the button below to start the process of leading your own Circle group!

Lead a Circle