TMH Talks: Raising Adults

TMH Talks: Raising Adults

Saturday, February 29, 2020, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Group: Carlisle Campus, Dillsburg Campus

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This winter we are exited to offer four growth opportunities to the TMH family. We are offering four talks. Each session will consist of a talk by an expert (or experts) in their field, followed by a time for smaller group conversation. This talk will be held only in the Auditorium at TMH Carlisle.

Raising Adults
with Speaker Cindy King

Parenting is hard. How do we parent children well when none of us begins this role as an expert? What choices do we make now to raise children who are ready for adulthood when they leave our home? What does it look like to say we are raising adults instead of raising children? How do we prepare ourselves for “the launch”? No matter how old our children are, we can always look at our parenting and make different choices by learning from and listening to others. And sometimes, we might be the one to offer that little nugget of wisdom someone else needs. Join us as together we discuss what it looks like to raise adults.

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