Maundy Thursday Service

Maundy Thursday Service

Thursday, April 01, 2021, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Carlisle Campus, 1155 Walnut Bottom Road, Carlisle, PA US 17015

Group: Carlisle Campus

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The 2021 Maundy Thursday service will be held in the Sanctuary at TMH Carlisle. The service will be a Tenebrae service which uses light and darkness as a part of worship.

All COVID guidelines that are followed on Sunday mornings, including masks and physical distancing, will be in place. You can view those guidelines on our Re-Gathering page.


Explanation of Tenebrae

This service of worship gives us space to center our hearts on the suffering of Christ for us and our salvation. The name Tenebrae is the Latin word for ‘darkness’ or ‘shadows.’ Through scripture, songs, communion, and images, we will encounter some of the shadows that Christ endured in his final hours on earth. One of the most prominent features of the service is the gradual extinguishing of candles and dimming of the lights until only a single candle, a symbol of our Lord, remains. As it gets darker and darker we ponder the depth of Christ’s sacrifice for us – the great emotional and physical pain; his suffering and death.

Toward the end of the service, the Christ candle is hidden, symbolizing the apparent victory of the forces of evil over good. At the very end, a drum roll and cymbal crash is heard, representing the earthquake at the time of Jesus’ death and his resurrection. The hidden candle is then restored to its place, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, and the hope and new life we have in Christ.  By this single light we all depart in silence and in anticipation of Easter when we will celebrate Jesus' resurrection and the life we have in him.