Discovery Class

Discovery Class

Every Sunday from 04/16/2023 to 05/07/2023

Group: Carlisle Campus

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When it comes to following Jesus, understanding the Bible and learning to live with intentionality it can feel overwhelming. The message of Jesus is simple, “follow me.” And while the message is simple Jesus invites us to allow every part of life to be affected by his love. One of the gifts of being a part of a church is the reality that we don’t follow him alone, we get to follow him together.

If you have begun to follow Jesus, are asking questions about what it means to follow Jesus or would like a refresher on the journey, you are invited to a four-week group to discover:

Who is Jesus?

What does it mean to be a disciple?

What is the Bible and how do I learn to read it?

What is the mission of my life?

You can join others who are on the same path learning to hear the words of Jesus that transform our lives. This 4-week learning group will allow us to meet others and discover more of what it means to follow Jesus.

What: A four-week group journey to discover the basics of following Jesus
When: Sundays, April 16 - May 7 | 8:45am (Dillsburg), 11:20am (Carlisle)
Where: Conference Room (Dillsburg), Room 107, (Carlisle)

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