What is discipleship? 

Following Jesus. A disciple believes following Jesus is of first importance and constantly orients their life (beliefs and behaviors) accordingly through intentional rhythms:

      • Deepen communion with God
      • Gather in community
      • Go into our vocation

In order to grow in love for God and Neighbor


Key Discipleship Rhythms

Deepen (communion with God)
  • Grow in understanding of God and self
  • Spiritual formation practices place us in positions for growth
  • Abide - John 15:1-17; Rooted - Psalm 1:1-3
Gather (in community)
  • We must plant ourselves in community to flourish
      • We gather to put ourselves in a position to love others well
      • We gather to be challenged and encouraged towards Jesus
  • Don’t neglect meeting together - Hebrews 10:25; interdependent body parts - 1 Cor 12:12-26
Go (into our new vocation)
  • Disciples of Jesus, as part of God’s story or redemption, are given a sacred vocation:
      • God’s representatives in every part of creation
      • steward life’s roles for love of God and neighbor
  • Ambassadors - 2 Cor 5: 11-21; Salt & Light - Matt 5:13-16