Finding Ourselves in the Apocalypse

Monday, March 9 At 6:30

This seminar provides a fresh alternative to popular books that use Revelation to predict that Christ will return in the near future. Rather than treating Revelation as a puzzle predicting when Jesus will return, Revelation paints a devotional word picture of the Christ who is certainly coming.  It uses symbolic language to communicate spiritual truths about God, Jesus, Satan, Heaven, and so forth. These nourish our souls in anticipation the glorious future that God has promised.

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More About

John Yeatts


John Yeatts and his wife Amy have been married 49 years.  Together they share two grown children and five grandchildren. John has devoted himself to scholarship. He has degrees from Messiah College, Princeton Seminary, and Purdue University.  He has given his life to pastoring, teaching theology, and learning. John has taught internationally at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya; the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA) in Ndola, Zambia; the Theological College of Zimbabwe; the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi; and Evangelical University, formerly TCCA. John is a treasure to the anabaptist theological community.



TMH Talks Winter 2020

This winter we are exited to offer four growth opportunities to the TMH family. We are offering four talks. Each session will consist of a talk by an expert (or experts) in their field, followed by a time for smaller group conversation.

When and where are TMH Talks?

Three of the Talks will be held on different Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm. One is on a Saturday morning! Talks will be held in the Auditorium at TMH Carlisle and also broadcast to our Dillsburg campus, with the exception of Raising Adults which will only be held at TMH Carlisle.

I love these topics, but is one talk enough?

We are chatting about race, marriage, parenting, and the apocalypse. So the short answer is no, for some! There will be an opportunity for you to engage in further discussion of these topics in the weeks that follow if you so choose.

Is there a registration fee?

TMH Talks are free of charge!

What about childcare?

There will be childcare available at both our Carlisle and Dillsburg campuses.