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Winter 2018 Grow Classes


Ballroom Dancing • Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 2–5:30pm • MPR, TMH Carlisle
This beginner ballroom workshop will cover the Foxtrot, Jitterbug, and Texas Two-Step. All ages are welcome! Come prepared to have fun and wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Ballroom dance is a wonderful pastime and skill for all ages. It boosts esteem and confidence, reduces stress, is lots of fun, and you can do it all your life! Please come out and join us!

Cost: $45 per single $80 per couple. Pay the instructor directly at the door.

Dickinson Reception • Sunday, January 21 between services • Cafe, TMH Carlisle 
Bust out the red and come mingle with us. Calling all Dickinson alumni, faculty, staff, students and proud parents. The Meeting House is hosting a Dickinson reception between weekend services on January 21st in the Cafe. Come and meet other TMH’ers who are proud to wear red. 


Cross Vision: How the crucifixion of Jesus makes sense of Old Testament violence. • Thursday, Jan. 11 @ 6:30–8:30pm • The Meeting Place, TMH Carlisle
Taught by: Steve Dancause, Venue Pastor & Trevor Spencer, Former Pastor
With so much violence in the world and heartbreaking loss appearing regularly on your newsfeed, how do we explain God commanding violence and disturbing behavior (genocide, etc.) in the Old Testament?  How does the Old Testament make sense when it seems opposite to the character and teachings of Jesus? Together, let's explore the problem and discover how most proposed solutions don't quite satisfy. We will look at a solution based on the cross and unpack the book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God by Greg Boyd. 

What the Bible REALLY Says About Hell • Monday, Jan. 22 @ 6:30-8pm • Auditorium, TMH Carlisle
Taught by: Josh Crain, Senior Pastor
The Christian concept of Hell is a contentious one: churches and denominations have disagreed about what hell is and how one might end up there since very early on in the Christian tradition. But what does the Bible actually say about hell? How did Jesus think and talk about hell? What did the early church have to say about hell? And how do the answers to these questions impact the way we live out our faith in modern-day America?


Gracious Parenting Worship: How to Deal With Anger — Your & Theirs • Wednesday, Jan. 10 @ 6:30-8pm • TMH Carlisle
Taught by: Meredith Dancause, Teaching Pastor
Let’s face it, kids know how to push our buttons like no one else, and we all lose our cool at some point or another. Anger is a tricky emotion to navigate, both our own as parents as well as our children’s. In this workshop you will gain a new perspective on anger as well as practical tools to help the whole family. 

Grow Great Kids: Inside Wants Out, How to Tame Your Anger Monster • Wednesday, Jan. 10 @ 6:30-8pm • Downtown, TMH Kids, TMH Carlisle
Taught by: Christi Kapenga, Children’s Pastor
While parents are at the parenting workshop, kids are invited to a fun and interactive workshop designed to help them find new and creative ways to deal with anger. This workshop is designed for those 5 and up in elementary school. 

The Tech-Wise Family: Exploring How We as Families Navigate Technology • Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 4–5:30pm  • TMH Dillsburg
Taught by: Jeff Miller, Associate Pastor
Whether we like or not, the digital age has washed over our families shores.  How can we make wise choices and guide our kids (and ourselves) through the sea of daunting options and questions that technology bring?  Join us as we learn and dialog together as families about how we can navigate these waters with grace, wisdom and greater understanding. 


Grow Your Platform • Wednesday, Jan. 24 @ 7–8:30pm • TMH Carlisle
Taught by: Trevor Spencer
Want to grow your business, nonprofit or brand? Trevor Spencer will share his strategies for building a large online following with social media, podcasting, and other new media platforms. Trevor launched a podcast from his kitchen table with a $49 microphone and grew it to 5.8 million downloads.   He is an internet marketer, business owner, and former pastor.

Can we talk? A Workshop on Communication in Marriage • Tuesday, Jan. 23 @ 6:30pm-8:30pm  • TMH Carlisle
Taught by Linda Lambert
Are you able to communicate with your spouse? When you discuss a problem do you find yourselves further apart than when you started? This class will help married couples strengthen their marriage by improving their communication.  The class will focus on positive communication styles and learning to deal with conflict effectively. .

DIY at TMH Carlisle • Wednesday, Jan. 10 & 17* @ 7–9pm • Wood Shop, TMH Carlisle
Need to improve your DIY skills? Learn home repair skills that will bridge the gap between trying to figure it out from YouTube and actually attempting a home repair on your own. Join us for live demos and a chance to pick up tools and give them a try. You will leave class with a list of YouTube video links to help with the skills covered. Class size is limited t0 15, so sign up before the class reaches capacity. 

*Register for one or both classes, each class will cover a different skill.

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