If you’re planning to join us in-person at a TMH location, please save a seat below to let us know you will be attending. Be sure to include all members in your family who will be attending with you (adults AND kids who will need a seat). Each Monday morning at 10am, we will reset the sign up for the upcoming weekend. 

You will be able to save a seat until midnight on Saturday, or until we reach capacity. Please make sure that you have fully reviewed our Re-gathering information listed below before joining us on Sunday.

Re-gathering Information

  1. Check-in for the service is from 8:45-9:10am. Doors will remained locked before and after those times.
  2. At our Dillsburg campus and the Auditorium at our Carlisle campus there will be only one set of doors available to enter the building. The Sanctuary at our Carlisle campus will have two points of entry.*
  3. All will be expected to wear a mask at all times while inside the building. Masks will be available at the door for those who need them. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons or if you will be unable to keep your mask on for the duration of your time in the building, we ask that you remain at home and continue to worship with us online.
  4. We will refrain from handshaking, hugging, and other forms of physical contact.
  5. Sitting in the lobby during the service and lingering in the lobby after the service are discouraged. Once the service has ended, we invite you to connect and socialize with others outside in the parking lots and grassy areas. 
  6. No coffee will be available, but bottled water will be available upon request.
  7. Seating will be guided and spaced so as to assure social distancing.
  8. Offering baskets will not be passed, but secure offering boxes will be available in the lobbies. And you can always continue to give online.
  9. No TMH Kids and TMH Youth programming will be available during the services. Kids will need to sit in the service with their families.  

*If you are attending the Sanctuary or Auditorium service at TMH Carlisle you must enter the building at one of the designated entrances for your venue. Once inside the building there will be no access to the other side of the campus which allows us to prevent cross-contamination between the two venues and groups of people attending services.