Family News

Family News is printed as a free service for the members and regular attendees to inform other individuals of various community news items. This includes: family milestones, items for sale, rooms for rent in your primary residence, roommates, vehicles, and community events. Business advertisements are not accepted.
This publication is produced on the first Sunday of each month, so submission requests must be received by the Wednesday preceding publication. There is a maximum submission length of 300 characters (about 50 words). These items are published on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whether an announcement is published or not is at the sole discretion of the communications team of The Meeting House. This team will also reserve the right to edit any announcement submitted. Our staff does not screen these requests or verify the character of individuals or the quality of the items/services being advertised.
Family News

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Please limit your text to about 50 words. In order to fit all information in the publication, we may need to adapt your submission, if it is over 50 words.

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