Mother's Day, 2018

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May 13, 2018 | Meredith Dancause

4 Scenes from Mary, the Mother of Jesus

1. Spend some time in your group sharing generally about what you heard in the message. What resonated with you, and what questions did it leave you with?

2. Scriptures (pick 1 to read aloud together):
Annunciation—Luke 1:26-38, Wedding at Cana—John 2:1-11, Fear and Doubt—Mark 3:20-24, New Family—John 19-25-27
What stands out to you and why?

3. Mother’s Day can be joyful for some, difficult or sorrowful for others. What does the day bring up for you? What makes it a hard or a happy occasion for you and your family?

4. Mary and the annunciation. Has God ever asked you to take a risk? How did God show up as with you/for you? What were your feelings as you walked through it.

5. Wedding at Cana. Mary had amazing trust in Jesus, and she makes a bold request. Mark Batterson says that bold prayers honor God, because they are the type of prayers that require his intervention. Have you been holding back in your requests to God? What bold request can you bring to God this week?

6. Fear and Doubt—Mary sees the danger to Jesus’ life clearly. Yet she loses sight of who Jesus is as the Son of God, not just her son. Similarly for parents, our children are first and foremost children of God. Our job is primarily to teach them how to live faithfully to Jesus in all circumstances. Can you think of a circumstance in which raising a child to be faithful to Jesus might come in conflict with keeping them safe or with your desires for them?

7. New Family—In Mark 3 Jesus says that family are those who take part in what I am doing. Then in John 19 he connects Mary and John as mother and son. Have you ever experienced family that goes beyond blood and marriage? Who is in this family? Are you a spiritual “child” or “parent” to someone you are not related to?

Lord God,
Thank you for making us your children through the blood of Jesus. Help us to love one another as Jesus taught us, so that we may know your love and so that through it we can reveal Jesus to the world. May we all live out our highest calling as people who love you and reveal you to others. Amen.


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