Summer Activities

Summer is a wonderful time to do something fun! Imagine a warm summer day where you gather with others who call The Meeting House their home to laugh, talk, and connect around something you enjoy. Imagine finding people with whom you share a similar interest. It really could be just about anything: a game night, a barbeque, hike, stories around a bonfire, a park day, a theme park trip, pool party, outdoor movie night, service opportunity, bike rides- the possibilities are only limited by your creativity! How much fun would it be to connect with others around a shared passion and interest this summer?

What we hope for is pretty simple; we’re looking for people to lead a Summer Activity. Can you think of something you love doing and could invite others to join you?

Here’s what to do to get started:

  • Pick an Activity
  • Choose a date between June 12 and August 13
  • Set a time
  • Determine the location 

Then share your idea for leading a Summer Activity with us. Fill out a brief form at: 

Click Here: I want to lead a Summer Activity!

These Summer Activities are designed to create the space for people to connect together, learn about each other, to have some fun, and to position ourselves in a place to love others like Jesus.

May 21 is the deadline for signing up to lead a Summer Activity. Sign ups for summer activities will begin May 29.