The Core Four

Commitment to Jesus

We have a Core Four set of values at The Meeting House. A growing follower of Jesus in our church can measure their spiritual growth in part by how well they increasingly: Worship Jesus, Grow Together, Love Generously, and Make Disciples.

1. Worship Jesus

Jesus is not the most important member of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), but we are repeatedly told in Scripture that Jesus is the exact representation of God and the primary way in which God has made himself known to us.

To worship Jesus is to allow him to be our Savior, Lord, and Teacher. We sing songs of praise in group gatherings as part of thanksgiving for what he has done for us, we submit our lives to his authority throughout the entire week, and we live our lives in accordance with his teachings. In all of this we are holistically worshiping the Triune God who leads us by His Spirit and everything else in our lives flows from this worship.

Want to get started on this value? Consider planning a visit to our weekend worship experience.

2. Grow Together

The New Testament never sees Christianity as a solo sport. We are called to learn together, serve together, and pray together. These behaviors are exhibited in all kinds of ways at The Meeting House, but a couple of great ways to start are by joining a Circle Group or volunteering for our Dream Team.

3. Love Generously

The Gospel reprioritizes our lives, from how we spend our time and money to how we love our neighbors. There should be an increasing shift toward service and humility as we grow.

Want to get started on this value? Consider participating in one of our upcoming outreach events, volunteering your gifts and talents to make The Meeting House an increasingly hospitable church, or donating to the ministry of the church.

4. Make Disciples

God loves us exactly as we are, but he loves us too much for us to stay there. In the same way, we are to lovingly share the life- giving message of Jesus with our neighbors through how we live and speak.

Want to get started on this value? You can begin looking for ways to share your faith (resource: Evangelism for Busy People) with your friends, family, and coworkers. You can also invite people to The Meeting House to experience our community either for a weekend service or an upcoming event.