TMH Youth

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Now more than ever, our world needs to experience the hope, peace, and love of Jesus. TMH Youth is committed to showing each youth who Jesus is and also equipping them to go into their world and share it others. We are looking forward to a new year in unprecedented times, which allow us engage in new, creative, and safe ways with youth and their families. All youth have gifts that we want to help develop and unleash on the world. For more information email Pastor Zach Salazar at .

To find out more or to sign up for a TMH Youth Summer event, click on the event below!


For the Summer - TMH Youth do not meet Wednesday & Sunday Nights or Sunday mornings. However, we are still gathering for many fun activities. Fill out the form at the top of this page or contact Pastor Zach Salazar at  to find out more about summer events. 


Wednesday & Sunday Nights

TMH Youth in-person/in-building gatherings happen weekly at TMH Carlisle and TMH Dillsburg. TMH Youth evening gatherings occur in Carlisle on Wednesdays from 6-8pm and in Dillsburg on Sundays from 6-8pm. Youth can expect games, CANDY, relevant teaching on the latest issues life has to offer and FUN! 

Sunday Mornings

TMH Youth Sunday mornings are held weekly at both TMH Carlisle and TMH Dillsburg! Join other youth and some amazing leaders at in the Youth Space (TMH Carlisle) or the Life House (TMH Dillsburg). Not sure where to go? Find one of our volunteers in the lobbies, they'll happily help you find your way.

Sunday morning youth focuses on studying specific books of the Bible to help youth go deeper in their faith.