TMH Youth

TMH Youth is the student ministry at The Meeting House. Our goal is to introduce you to the real Jesus and while we are currently unable to meet in person, you're still welcome to jump in anytime! We'll be updating this page with our plans for the summer, so check back soon!


2020 Graduates

The graduating class of 2020 has experienced something unprecedented this year. They have experienced loss in a number of ways: no prom, no commencement, no walking up and being handed that diploma, but they have also lost a major transition in life. It’s almost like a rite of passage. They are changing identity in one thing to another, they were a student and now they are a graduate, they were a child and now an adult, they were part of the youth ministry and now they’re not. So Church, I’m asking you to help them find their identity here. To say to them, “you may not be part of the youth ministry anymore, but you definitely belong here with us.” So how are we going to do that? We are asking you to write and send a card to the graduates. Send all of your cards to the church and we will organize and deliver all of the cards, as well as a gift from TMH Youth, to all of the grads. 

Please have all of your cards in the mail by Sunday June 28. Let’s show our graduates that they are supported, loved, and have a place here, with us, at The Meeting House.

This year's graduates are

Cade Bolz
Leah Eichelberger
Christiana Johnston
Michaela Lipscomb
Ethan McKeehan
Aaron Miller
Liam Peterson
Eli Plant
Zach Ressler
Hailey Lamo


All cards can be sent to

TMH Youth
1155 Walnut Bottom Road
Carlisle, PA 17015